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Manny's Adventure Box

  • $ 30.00

It’s time to go on an adventure! But first, you need to have our basics. 

Inside “Manny’s Adventure Kit” you’ll find:

  • “Kate & Mack and the Tower of Babel” — Travel with Kate, Mack and some new friends back to biblical times in our new book! There, they discover when languages first began.
  • Téa Plush — An adventure always needs a best friend! Squeeze this adorable squirrel monkey and take her with you on your next trip around the world. 
  • Manny’s Friendship Bracelets — These handmade bracelets are made in the Philippines. Keep one for yourself and give one away to a friend!
  • Jotter & Pencil Bundle — You never know when you have to jot down a note on your adventure! Be prepared for anything with this handy jotter and pencil bundle.
  • Drawstring Bag — Pack your bags and you’re ready to go!
  • Buttons — Decorate your bag with these fun character buttons from kids featured in our “Around the World with Kate & Mack” book! 
  • Adventures Around the World Booklet — The adventures don’t have to stop here. Inside this booklet you’ll find fun facts, family discussions, prayer points and more. 

For more adventures and fun, visit for free downloadable activities, crafts, recipes and more! You can also visit to learn more about Kate, Manny and their animal friends. 


  • Ideal for kids ages 5-10

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