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Spice it up Box

  • $ 40.00

Spice up your cooking with this flavor packed gift box filled with hot sauces and spice rubs! Several sauces by Oye! Mirch include chili sauces inspired by bold Asian and Latin American cuisines such as a peanut chili sauce and a hot mango sauce. Use the peanut sauce to spice up some home cooked pad thai or dip some dumplings. Drizzle the mango chili on street tacos or seafood dishes. This box also includes a jar of hot chilli sambal, a treasured Malaysian staple. Heat your grill up and get ready for some Spiceology rubs on your favorite protein. Use the Tandoori Glory to spice up chicken and Korean BBQ to rub on your favorite ribs. Your favorite home cook will love this exiciting set of new flavors.

Each bottle is indiviually labelled with ingredients and nutrition information. 

  • 1 peanut chili sauce.
  • 1 hot mango sauce.
  • 1 hot chili sambal sauce.
  • 1 Tandoori Glory spice rub. 
  • 1 Korean BBQ spice rub. 

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