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World Flags Sticker Poster

  • $ 18.95

Unfold the big poster and paste the flags of the 197 countries recognized by the UN on this fun, interactive map! A numbered code makes it easy to recognize the correct location of each flag. On the explanatory note, find the name and the capital of all these countries in five languages (EN, FR, DE, SP, IT). This poster allows kids to locate countries in the world and discover the colorful graphics of their flags.

Before sticking each flag, one must observe, compare and identify, which allows each kid to memorize the information. This poster is then a beautiful decoration for any room. Poster size is standard for easy framing. The stickers are removable and can be taken off and glued as many times as necessary. This sleeve contains two boards of stickers.

  • 3.2' x 2.2' (Once assembled) 

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