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Elephant T-shirts

  • $ 24.95

The wait is over and he is here! We know how much you guys love elephants so we designed one especially for you! His name is Mr. Ellie and he is adorable! This shirt is super soft. If we had to describe it, we would say it feels like suede. You have 2 options; black shirt or a white shirt. The black shirt has an elephant that has a crimson, gold and white Thai fabric pattern. The white shirt has a blue, crimson, and white pattern. I am going to tell you right now, it’s going to be hard to choose!!

Napada is a ministry in Bangkok Thailand that believes in empowering women with a hand up and not a hand out. Not only have they taught the women a trade and have employed them but they are also sharing the love of Christ with them. The women are being taught the Gospel and are worshiping together. As the women are working they are building community and are praying and supporting each other. You can feel good about your purchase. Buy a great bag or an awesome ministry.

Empowering people. Changing lives. 

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