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2018 Calendar

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The 2018 Calendar features the Community of God from around the world. Purchase this beautifully photographed and giftable calendar for a daily reminder about who God's children everywhere. 
Inside Cover:
Take a look at the people around you. When you're at the grocery store, church, or walking down the street. All these faces you see are part of your community; they're part of God's community too.
But the community of God isn't just local to where you live-it's a global community, with our brothers and sisters living in different countries, speaking different languages, part of different cultures. And they need to know that God is calling them by name to be part of his community-his family.
That's why Bible translation is so important. People all around the world need to hear God inviting them to be part of his eternal community in their own language. We're all invited; we just need to accept the invitation. And that's done best when we receive the invitation in the language that speaks directly to our heart.

Open size 17" x 11" (8 1/2 x 11" folded)


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