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2019 Calendar

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The 2019 calendar will feature photos of global churches.

The images here are not final and are subject to change. Images will include a verse.

We are pleased to be able to mail calendars to your partners at a low cost. If you would like to order the 2019 calendar, please follow these simple directions below. Then submit your list to the calendar email and we will do the rest!

If you need the mailing list template please download the template here.

Please note all three spreadsheets — domestic (USA), international and bulk shipments — are now located in one document with three separate tabs. If you do not have any addresses for one of the tabs (e.g., international or bulk orders), please leave those pages blank and do not attempt to delete or change any fields. If you are mailing single calendars to one address you MUST put one per line on the the domestic spreadsheet.

  • Domestic mail for a single calendar: $3.50 each (includes shipping).

  • International mail for a single calendar: $9.00 each (includes shipping).

  • Domestic bulk order (two or more to a single address): $3.00 each (plus shipping).

Calendar are due no later than Friday, September 21, 2018, to be included in the mass mailing. Any list received after that date may not be processed. Please be sure to name your lists as follows: (Couple) Sarah_Michael Smith 555889 or (Single) Sarah Smith 555889.

Questions should be emailed to bookroom.  NO completed orders will be accepted at the bookroom email address. They will be returned to you for redelivery to the Calendar email. Forwarding these lists causes an error for order processing which is based on email address.