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ABC's Flash Cards  Gospel Theology Children Ages 4-12

ABC's of Theology Flash Cards

  • $ 18.00

The ABC's of Theology Flash Cards are designed to bring theological concepts to life for the kids. With inviting designs and simple, concise definitions, children ages 4 to 12 will learn what words like "Atonement", "Gospel" and "Liturgy" mean and how they are rooted in Scripture. Each order (not each product) includes one complimentary hand-stamped linen bag for safe keeping and easy access. Additional bags can be purchased here. These cards are designed for inter-denominational use. Words like “baptism” and “communion” are defined in their simplest form, intended to apply to either the paedo-baptist or credo-baptist tradition.

  • 26 printed cards
  • 4.75″ x 6"

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