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ABC'S of Theology

ABC'S of Theology

  • $ 18.00

An accessible, fun introduction to the basics of the faith, The ABC’s of Theology Flash Cards are designed to bring theological concepts to life for kids. With inviting designs and simple, concise definitions, children ages 4 to 12 will learn what words like “Atonement”, “Gospel” and “Liturgy” mean and how they are rooted in Scripture.

Please Note:

  • Twenty-six cards are printed on 120# card stock.
  • Each order (not each product) includes one complimentary hand-stamped linen bag for safe keeping and easy access. Additional bags can be purchased here.
  • These cards are designed for inter-denominational use. Words like “Baptism” and “Communion” are defined in their simplest form, intended to apply to either the paedo-baptist or credo-baptist tradition.

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