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African Trade Beads Bracelet

African Trade Beads Bracelet

  • $ 14.00

African trade bead history dates back to the 15th century when European trading ships arrived on the coast of West Africa and used the beads as a form of currency. Trade beads had a lot of meaning for the wearer, including pride, beauty, culture, power and tribal associations.

Originally, African Trade beads came from Venice and Murano in Italy, Bohemia (later Czechoslovakia) and other European countries including Germany, France and the Netherlands. Today, trade beads are still being created, primarily in the eastern region of Ghana, known as the Krobo area. They are carefully handmade from recycled glass with hand painted designs. All are beautiful and one of a kind with a unique history around them.

  • 9"
  • Color will vary
  • Strong, flexible elastic cord
  • Made in Ghana