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Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

  • $ 14.00

The high gloss of the polished Connemara marble beads on this bracelet is classy and eye-catching! A simple but beautiful stretch bracelet made from Ireland’s own Connemara marble. It measures approx 7” around but will stretch to fit most wrists. It makes a one of a kind gift! 

Connemara Marble is a green marble that is only found on the west coast of Ireland in the Connemara mountains. Shades range from light to dark, and contain veins of grey or even pink. Due to naturally occurring variations in the marble, the item you receive will not match the picture exactly. Each piece of Connemara is unique and a true piece of Ireland! This bracelet is ideal for either men or women.

  • 7" 
  • Genuine connemara marble
  • Made in Ireland


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