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Big Words of the Bible

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Teach your kids the beauty of studying God’s Word in-depth! This set of 20 flashcards help your little ones understand key vocabulary words in the original biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew. The front of each card has a helpful illustration and pronunciation guide. The back of each card has an example verse that shows how the word is used in context, and a concise definition that will help them grow in understanding the richness of the Scriptures. All 20 flashcards are held on a 2″ metal ring for safe-keeping! 

Please Note:

  • Twenty 2.5″ x 4″ cards printed on 120# card stock with a matte laminate finish.
  • Each order (not each product) includes one complimentary hand-stamped linen bag for safe keeping and easy access. Additional bags can be purchased here.
  • Because these cards were designed for little hands, the font on these cards is small.

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