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Burn Your Bed - Ed Speyers

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Ed was at a crossroads. He felt called to pursue a future in Bible translation, but worry for his mother was holding him back. With him gone, who would take her to the grocery store, church or hairdresser? His mother’s response gave him the push he needed: “Ed, God took care of me in the Netherlands during World War I. God took care of me during World War II. God took care of me when I was left alone in Holland with you kids for that year when dad came to Canada to get our household set up. God took care of me when we didn’t have even a penny to our names. God took care of me when dad walked out and God will take care of me again. If you don’t go to Dallas to start your studies to become a Bible translator, you will be disobedient to God. Burn your bed. God will take care of me.”

Ed knew what she meant. With long hours of studying and sleepless nights ahead, he wouldn’t be spending much time in his bed. But he’d be obeying God’s calling for his life.

In this book, read Ed’s journey in Bible translation and how he was part of the 500th New Testament Bible translation for the Suriname Javanese.

  • 9”x6”
  • 190 pages including front and back covers

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