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Christian Heroes Lillian Trasher

Christian Heroes Lillian Trasher

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When Lillian Trasher founded Egypt's first orphanage, others thought that a lone American woman with no means of support would surely be killed or starve to death. But Lillian - certain of God's guidance - stood by her earlier promise to Him, "If ever I can do anything for You, just let me know - and I'll do it."
In the midst of poverty, war, and deadly epidemics, Lillian faced each day with a heart of trust, modeling the life she hoped her children would someday live in their own homes. During fifty tumultuous years, the Mother of the Nile cared for thousands of desperate children, with unwavering faith that God does indeed look after the orphans. (1887-1961)
Pages: 192 (paperback)
Ages: 10+
Dimensions: L 5.4in W 0.5in H 8in

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