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Dessert Platters

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Dessert options available to enhance your dining experience.

Please add $0.50 per person if ordering separately.


Bistro Collection Dessert Bars ($2.50 per person. Minimum 20.)

Lemon lover's, blondie, ultimate brownie and strawberry swirl cheesecake.


Delectable Brownies ($2.50 per person. Minimum 20.)

Chocolate peanut butter, decadent chocolate and chocolate turtle.


Petits Fours ($2.50 per person. Minimum 20.)

Rainbow-layered cake with raspberry filling, chocolate cake with mocha filling and white cake with strawberry filling.


Chocolate-Topped Mini Eclairs ($1.75 per person. Minimum 20.)

Chocolate-topped, mini eclairs made from a delicate European-style pastry filled with rich Bavarian custard cream.


Mini Cream Pies ($2.75 per person. Minimum 20.)

Key lime mousse, turtle cream and peanut butter cream.


Mini Layer Cakes ($2.75 per person. Minimum 20.)

Carrot cake, lemon sponge and mousse cake, tiramisu, red velvet and molten lava chocolate.