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Explore Bible Translation Extreme Card

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This two-sided full-color cardstock pieces that provides basic information about the Explore Bible Translation Extreme program. Use it to recuit attendees to this outdoor, five-day course that gives attendees a glimpse into what it's like to translate the Bible, the roles needed for the work and what part God might be leading them to play in serving the Bibleless. You can use the card at local events, college campuses and in one-on-one conversations.

How many do you need? Wycliffe literature is available at no cost to you other than shipping. Help us be good stewards of this resource by only requesting what you need. A good rule of thumb for most events is to order one (1) piece of literature per ten (10) people at your upcoming event. If it is a small event where you will be in a small group setting you might want more than that but at a church gathering or conference it is a good place to start.

Item limited to 200 pieces per order. If you require larger quantities, please email us at

  • 5.75" x 5.75"

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