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Gift In Kind Brochure

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This brochure informs people that they can donate items they no longer want such as vehicles, jewelry and electronics that can provide valuable resources for the work of Bible translation. Donors can express their preference to have proceeds from the sale of their donated items credited to either a member or a translation project. 

How many do you need? Wycliffe literature is available at no cost to you other than shipping.  Help us be good stewards of this finite resource by only requesting what you need.  A good rule of thumb for most events is to order one (1) piece of literature per ten people at your upcoming event.  If it is 200, ask for 20; if it is 2000, ask for 200. If it is a small group venue, such as a small group/life group Bible study, one per person might be a good idea but for a large event you only need about one per 10 people. 

Item limited to 100 pieces per order.  If you require larger quantities please email us.

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