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His Grace Is Sufficient - Headland

His Grace Is Sufficient - Headland

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We were shocked and, I must confess, angry when our own SIL colleague came and told us we would not be allowed to go teach the course. He had checked into security in the area and said it was far too dangerous. I thought, "Why can’t we just trust God and go anyway?" Once again, our dreams of seeing the Tunebo Scriptures in use seemed to be dashed to the ground.
Time after time, Paul and Edna faced obstacles and disappointments. In each of these, God showed them his grace was sufficient to carry them through. His strength was made perfect in their weakness.

Have you been discouraged with lack of results in your ministry? This story shows how God’s grace is sufficient to carry you through the most difficult of circumstances. Whether it is waiting on God to see the results of your ministry, loss of a loved one, living in dangerous circumstances, or sending your children away to school, God will give you the strength to remain faithful to his call.

  • 9”x6”
  • 308 pages including front and back covers

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