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John 3:16 Banners

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This set of four banners is a great way to introduce the need for Bible translation at a church or speaker engagement you might have! Stagger the banners in a row as participants walk by and get a taste of what it's like to only partly understand Scripture in their language. 

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  • Lending Period: Four weeks
  • Shipping Information: This banner is free to loan for one month. Please note that outbound and return shipping will be charged to your account. You MUST use the UPS Options for outbound shipping and add a banner return shipping label to your shopping cart. If you do not add it, we will have to do an extra order and will bill your staff account for the return label and additional shipping cost. Please assist us by selecting the proper shipping method and adding a banner return shipping label to your order. The return label will be included in your box.
  • Set of 4
NOTE: Most rental items are delivered to you in specially purchased mailing tubes or boxes. You may not need to take the box with you to your event, since each item is also packed in a convenient carrying case. If you do not use the box or tube the rental item arrives in, please keep it in a safe place and return it with the item (using the pre-paid shipping label that was included, if applicable). Thank you for your cooperation. Returning items in their original boxes saves us about $9 each. This allows us to continue to offer these items for a $0 rental fee.