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Outrageous Grace - Grace Fabian

Outrageous Grace - Grace Fabian

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This story captures the grace and forgiveness alongside the transforming power in the Word of God. 

Excerpt: "My husband, a missionary translator in Papua New Guinea, was murdered while sitting at his desk translating the love chapter, I Corinthians 13, into the Nabak language. I, his wife, was the first witness on the scene. I soon learned that the murderer was a Nabak man, one of the members of the tribe we had grown to love, and for whom we endeavored to translate the scriptures. This memoir tells the story of my four children and me wrestling with grief and disorientation. It speaks of our quest for spiritual answers, and of the difficulty of meshing two different worlds—the culture of the Nabak people in the island nation of Papua New Guinea, and of my Christian heritage from the United States. We faced the challenge of forgiving the murdered, rocks thrown onto our roof and through the windows, eviction notices, and twenty months later a court case in this foreign country. Then we discovered that God is orchestrating an amazing story of redemption. I, even in my most creative and spiritual moments, never could have conjured up the story that came from this tragedy, and our family’s forgiveness."

206 pages