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Prayer Sign-Up Card

Prayer Sign-Up Card

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Prayer contact cards are a great way to encourage your family, friends and partnership team to join the Wycliffe prayer team. By filling out this card, they'll sign up to receive weekly email updates that include information about people groups, urgent prayer requests, what's happening around the world and more, as well as the monthly e-newsletter.

How to use it: If someone would like to join the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project (BPPP) and pray for a specific langugage group, you can instruct him or her to write BPPP in the lower right-hand corner. (This card replaces the former BPPP cards.) These cards can be filled out and returned to you, dropped by the Prayer Ministries department at the Orlando headquarters or mailed in. Encourage people to join this worldwide prayer team!

Dimensions: 3" x 5"

How many do you need? Wycliffe literature is available at no cost to you other than shipping. Help us be good stewards of this finite resource by only requesting what you need. A good rule of thumb for most events is to order one (1) piece of literature per ten people at your upcoming event. If it is 200, ask for 20; if it is 2000, ask for 200. If it is a small group venue, such as a small group/life group Bible study, one per person might be a good idea but for a large event you only need about one per 10 people.  '

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