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The Finish Line - Bob Creson

The Finish Line - Bob Creson

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"The Finish Line" is about a family that leaves their home in Southern California and follows God's call to the other side of the world. It's about a Tennet man who walks a thousand miles to make sure his people group gets a Bible they can understand. It's about HIV and AIDS victims in Uganda who never knew hope until Scripture translated in their language gave them eternal hope.

Wycliffe President and CEO Bob Creson shares story after story that will open your eyes to the incredible ways God is changing lives through Bible translation. Today we're quickly approaching the true finish line, when every people group on earth will be able to access and engage with God's eternal Word. But there are still more than 1,800 people groups without one word of Scripture in their language. 

There is a role for you in reaching the finish line. Come find it!

  • 8.5”x6”
  • 148 pages including front and back cover

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